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About Ellie

Ellie Home Caring was named in honor of my mother, Eleanor "Ellie" Deister, an exemplary caregiver.

Ellie was the primary caregiver for my father as his Alzheimer’s progressed. She consistently provided compassionate, faithful, conscientious care for her beloved husband.

It was difficult for Mom to trust anyone else to provide care the way she wanted it done. Striving to give Bill the best care possible, Ellie gave more energy than she had available. In fact, she literally laid down her life for Dad.  As is often the case, caregivers actually pass away ahead of their loved one because of their commitment to caring.

In fact, she literally laid down her life for Dad.

In caring for Dad, she knew the personal details of how to provide loving care.  She kept his shirts freshly pressed and knew his favorite music.  She shared the joy of taking long walks and stopping to enjoy the daisies.  She loved to sit and read to him with his favorite cup of tea and a “Lorna Doone.”  This non-stop care wore her out. Ellie’s decline from the exhaustive demands of caring for her spouse is one of the many things that motivate us to come alongside your family and provide caregivers that embody the care she desired to give.

Ellie’s story has become our story, and we want to send out other “Ellies” to provide personal in-home care for your loved one.