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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How does Ellie Home Caring select it’s Care Attendants?


Mom’s care for my dad was legendary. Everyone knew her as cheerful, faithful and skillful. Her loving service sets the bar for our company. All of our Ellie’s are wonderful individuals who reflect that same spirit; they know themselves, they know Ellie’s story and they are dedicated to holding the bar.
We have worked hard to establish Ellie Home Caring as the premier provider of in-home care in the six county area. Simply put, our product is our people; the centerpiece and distinctive of our company. We do not do public searches or advertise in newspapers for our Care Attendants. Specifically, we search out prospects in our sphere of personal, professional and church acquaintances, and pursue referrals from select, private, reliable sources. After an initial screening we invite those who we feel reflect the Ellie profile, to interview in person. Our Care Attendants fundamental credentials are that they have the gift of serving and that they love and respect older persons and the youngest among us as well. Of course they are trained and attend in-services and mandatory, documented continuing education courses. (They humbly submit to background checks and drug tests to satisfy society’s understandable demand). Our Ellies are bright, cheerful and mature. Jan and I feel privileged to send such quality people out into the community as Personal, Homemaking and Companion Care attendants. We are confident that you will be delighted with the Ellies trusted with your own families loved ones and friends you might so kindly refer.


2 - Are Ellie Home Caring Attendants insured, bonded and trained?


Ellie Home Caring is insured in all aspects and bonded for our client’s and our Care Attendant’s protection and security. Also, our Ellie’s are fully insured for driving client’s automobiles and their own to any function or appointment. Furthermore, we maintain, on file, a copy of their yearly “Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Abstract Driver’s Record”, a copy of their driver’s license, a copy of the Declaration Page of their auto insurance policy, and a copy of their current Red Cross CPR and First Aid cards. All are required to take a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education per year. We conduct in-services on a regular basis and have contracted education sessions from professionals in our field. 


3 - How can I best decide what my loved one needs for in-home care?


Our staff includes Registered Nurses who do an assessment. This is a critical, no charge, pre-care visit at which the Ellie Nurse and all significant parties meet, preferably in the home, to evaluate your loved one’s needs. These highly qualified care givers are experts at listening, observing and making recommendations about in-home care, from hygiene issues to safety measures. They will listen carefully to your input and work with you to create the most effective plan that fulfills your wishes.


4 - Is in-home care mostly just elder-sitting or patient-sitting?


I only speak for our company, but this is truly a defining question in its significance and the reason we started Ellie Home Caring. The answer is: it all depends on the vision and mission of the company and who they employ. We are not sitters. Every Ellie Attendant reflects the active, initiative spirit of my mother’s service. They are friends who elevate the quality of life for whom they care. They are creative “connectors” who thrive on engaging the gifts and talents of your loved ones in meaningful stimulation toward the goal of living well. Isn’t it true that expressions of our souls give us that irreplaceable feeling of hope; hope that life is not over but simply changing, and there is so much to be done? Please note the “bio” of our monthly spotlighted Care Attendant and imagine your loved one in their care. Each one makes it “good to be home”.


5 - Are your Care Attendants employees of Ellie Home Caring or are they independent contractors?


Our Care Attendants are employees. Ellie Home Caring was established to exist as a team of like-minded individuals who take pride in their work and flourish with a unity of mission. This foundation of support is such an encouragement, and very frankly, adds an essential ingredient of fun. We have In-Services, corporate continuing education and occasional holiday get-togethers. Team membership and the joy of helping others helps keep spirits charged and produces strength for demanding responsibilities. 


6 - What are my payment options?


Ellie Home Caring accepts Long Term Care Insurance; Worker’s Compensation monies; VA Aid and Attendance Benefits; and private pay (cash).


7 - Am I locked into a contract?


No, we ask our clients and customers to sign a good faith agreement. Given your firm commitment, we will reserve time just for you and schedule the agreed upon care that is appropriate. This assures you that our company will be there, providing faithful, timely service in your home or current living place. It also assures us that you have made a well-informed decision and it clearly engages us to commence efforts to fulfill your wishes. A written agreement facilitates clear communication and mutual trust.


8 - Why should I use an agency, such as "Ellie Home Caring", when I can hire a family friend?


Using an agency, such as “Ellie Home Caring,” guarantees that anyone working in a client’s home is insured and bonded. It also ensures that if a caregiver needs time off, or has a family emergency, another caregiver can work in their place. Not having someone for back-up can leave family, and the client, in a bind. It’s also important to use an agency when filing claims for long-term care insurance.


9- How quickly can I start services?


Typically, service requests can be filled within two (2) hours. We do ask for as much advanced notice as possible to make sure the necessary paperwork and assessment is done prior to staffing the client. We also like to meet our clients prior to starting services with them to ensure we match them with the perfect caregiver.


10 - Are your caregivers' employees of "Ellie Home Caring", or are they independent contractors?


We hire our caregivers directly, and offer them insurance, and a variety of employment benefits. “Ellie Home Caring” pays all required federal and state taxes as well as employer Social Security taxes.


11 - How can I trust "Ellie Home Caring" with the care of my loved one or myself?


Ellie Home Caring” strives to be the leading provider of in-home care services in Ohio. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and caregivers. Being locally owned and operated, we offer our clients flexibility and options that may not be available with similar franchised companies.