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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How does Ellie Home Caring select it’s Care Attendants?


We are deeply devoted to providing an authentic company culture that nurtures our caregivers both personally and professionally. By providing a uniquely special work environment for caregivers who share our core values, we attract like-minded individuals who are passionate about caring for others and genuinely want to offer a personalized experience to our clients. More specifically, our reputation serves as our primary recruiting strategy, as caregivers, clients, clinicians, and families promote the special environment of Ellie Home Caring!


Secondly, we believe in our caregivers’ ability to assess compatibility of potential caregivers so we provide financial incentives for caregiver referrals as an added benefit of being an Ellie caregiver. Lastly, we understand that social media is the primary source of information for most people today so we aim to stay active and available through social and recruiting websites.

2 - Are Ellie Care Attendants trained employee or independent contractors?


As we carefully match uniquely suited caregivers to each of our valued clients, it is vital for us to prepare and train each one to support various aspects of life including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs according to the client’s specific desires. All of our caregivers are direct employees of Ellie (never 1099 independent contractors) and we are committed to continually nurturing their growth both personally and professionally starting at orientation with live demonstrations, interaction with mobility equipment including a hoyer lift, training videos, and educational material. We also provide on-site training visits to ensure quality, while providing the opportunity to improve meal preparation and house keeping skills in our own facility complete with a fully functioning kitchen, living room, and bathroom!

Equally important is our private and confidential website exclusively for Ellie caregivers to share helpful suggestions with each other without the use of client names or identities. This not only promotes a stronger, more cohesive and connected team environment but also endorses a fresh approach to unique challenges as well as developing new ideas to improve quality of life for their clients!


3 - What is the cost of homecare compare to moving to a facility?


This is a complex decision involving emotional connections, family desires, financial assets, complexity of care, and level of compliance among many other important factors. If you’re reading this, you’ve more than likely already experienced a fraction of that complexity and we want to help untangle that for you by objectively simplifying costs for various care options depending on your specific situation. Since there is no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” need, we help evaluate what’s best for you! Often times, care in home is less disruptive than a total move to a facility and can “buy you time” while you carefully evaluate a permanent decision. We are very capable of providing 24/7 care if needed, or as little as a one-time temporary visit to “test the waters” and determine compatibility!

4 - Is Ellie Home Caring fully insured?


Ellie and it’s caregivers are fully insured, along with auto coverage when a client doesn’t have a car or would simply prefer to use the caregiver’s driver’s license, driving record, and proof of valid car insurance for added security and screening. We value the fact that we’ve never had to use our insurance duet o theft, misconduct, or accidents but we enjoy the safety and peace of mind it provides!

5 - Why hire a company rather than a family friend or independent caregiver?


Both options have valid benefits! In our experience, many of our clients have come to us after their own options didn’t work out due to inconsistency, burn-out, lack of training, no back-ups for cancellations, no insurance, not being able to accommodate changes in care needs, lack of accountability, no third-party monitoring for quality control, having to start from scratch to find a new caregiver, etc. By establishing a relationship with a source of vetted quality caregivers, it relieves you of the exhausting responsibility of finding someone who can grow with your needs and accommodate schedule changes as needs inevitably progress. Also, if for whatever reason you determine a certain caregiver isn’t the right fit for you, we’re happy to accommodate that and provide a more fitting match! After all, we exist to increase quality of life and alleviate the stress of managing care so you can enjoy the relationships you were meant to enjoy in life!

6 - What are my payment options?


Ellie Home Caring accepts Long Term Care Insurance; Worker’s Compensation monies; VA Aid and Attendance Benefits; and private pay (cash).


7 - Am I locked into a contract?


No, we ask our clients and customers to sign a good faith agreement. Given your firm commitment, we will reserve time just for you and schedule the agreed upon care that is appropriate. This assures you that our company will be there, providing faithful, timely service in your home or current living place. It also assures us that you have made a well-informed decision and it clearly engages us to commence efforts to fulfill your wishes. A written agreement facilitates clear communication and mutual trust.